Just got a crown at Smiles on Belmont and the experience couldn't have been better!

Just got a crown at Smiles on Belmont and the experience couldn't have been better! Dr. Charron took over for retired Dr. Brock and his skills are top notch too, very professional and caring staff as always from the front desk to the assistants to the hygienist! Minimally invasive, just enough novocaine without being ruined for the day, and none for the actual crown placement with very little discomfort! I'll keep going back! :-)


Excellent dentist, excellent staff!

 Excellent dentist, excellent staff! I've been a patient of this office for years. I was initially referred to Dr. Brock because of my over-the-top dental phobia. When Dr. Brock recently retired and Dr. Charron took over the practice, I was really stressed. Over the years I'd never had a bad experience with Dr. Brock and was both heartbroken that he was leaving and fearful that my days of completely competent and comfortable dentistry were in the rear view mirror. I couldn't have been more wrong. Dr. Charron is wonderful. He has the light touch and skilled hands of a gifted dentist, as Dr. Brock did. Numbing shots, while they are never going to be something I look forward to, are carefully done and with a minimum of discomfort. He has a couple of tricks up his sleeve for working within my small jaws that mean I go home without being sore from holding my mouth so far open and the work he has done on my teeth to date has been stellar. I think that having no change of staff when the practice moved from Dr. Brock's hands into Dr. Charron's speaks volumes. Same smiling faces, front and back and the same level of five-star patient care. Can't say enough good things about this dental practice.