Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between and crown and a filling?

When a tooth needs a very large filling, or has cracks, pressure on the tooth from chewing can cause the tooth to break. If the tooth cracks too deeply, it often cannot be saved and needs to be pulled. To prevent this, a crown is placed over the tooth to hold it together and evenly distribute the forces on it to prevent it from cracking. This can save the tooth from further damage and result in being able to keep your tooth for much longer than if a crown is not placed. Though the crown is more expensive, it should also last much longer than other treatment options which is why it is recommended. 

Why do I need a filling?

When bacteria gets into a tooth it creates a cavity which eats away at your tooth. If left untreated, it will continue to develop which can cause the tooth to further erode. This can result in the tooth becoming weakened and breaking, or the cavity reaching the nerve resulting in extreme pain, or an abscess forming. If this happens the tooth will need either a root canal or to be pulled. A filling, done to remove the cavity when it is small, can prevent all of these things from happening and can help you keep your teeth and avoid painful conditions and costly procedures down the road.  

Why do I need to get my teeth cleaned regularly?

Regular teeth cleaning removes plaque, making sure it doesn't stay on your teeth long enough to cause cavities. Regular check ups ensures your teeth are checked for any issues before they become big problems. This gives you the best chance of preventing cavities, cracks, gum disease, and other issues and correcting any small problems before they become big ones. Regular cleaning and check ups can save you time, money and painful conditions down the road.  

What is the difference between independent dental clinics and corporate chains?

Independent dental clinics are typically owned and operated by the dentist who works in the clinic. Corporate chain dental clinics are owned by large corporations who then hire dentists as employees. Independent dentists are able to control every aspect of their office, including quality of materials, time spent with patients, which labs to use and specialists to refer to. Unfortunately, corporate chains often restrict the quality of products used, limit appointment times, and pressure their employees to push treatment to increase profits. When a corporation needs to make money off the clinic, they need to make more money than an owner operated clinic and often do so by reducing quality.

Dr. Charron has worked for both types of clinics and has seen first hand the negative effects corporation controlled clinics has on the quality of patient care. He enjoys being able to focus on using the highest quality materials and labs and spending the time it takes to get quality results. 

Will my insurance cover my dental costs

As a courtesy to our patients, we do accept several dental insurances, however plans vary drastically and exact benefits are determined on an individual basis. It is best to call your insurance company to find out what your benefits will cover. We are also happy to answer any questions.